Travel Tips

The last thing you want to spend time doing while on vacation is worrying about your hearing aid. There are a few simple tips to ensure your travels will be worry free.

Make sure to pack extra of anything your hearing aid may need, be it tubes or batteries. Batteries typically only last seven to fourteen days; the chance of needing to replace them during your vacation is high. Storing your extra batteries or tubes in a waterproof sandwich bag helps to ensure they will be usable when you need them.

hearing aid travel tips -  Central FloridaLike most things, hearing aids do not function well if they get wet. An easy way to prevent this from happened is to pack a waterproof hat and umbrella. Packing a dri-aid kit or a small hearing aid dehumidifier is helpful if you are traveling to a humid climate. These can ensure your hearing aids function properly by removing any extra moisture that has accumulated during a damp day.

Just like a car before a long road trip, you should have your hearing aid serviced before you leave. A trip to your audiologist will ensure your hearing aids are working properly.

When traveling by plane, there are a few airport security tips to keep in mind. If you have an assistive listening device (ALD), you will need to pass it through the x-ray machine. The x-rays will not harm the device. You are not required to turn your hearing aids off while on the plane, despite the “turn off all electronic devices” announcement. Many remove them anyways, as the pressure while flying makes wearing them uncomfortable.