Hearing Aid FAQ

What is a hearing aid?
A hearing aid is a small electronic device that makes some sounds louder, enabling an individual with hearing loss to hear better. The device is worn either behind the ear or in the ear, depending on the model. The hearing aid has three parts: a microphone, an amplifier and a speaker. Sound enters the microphone and is converted to an electrical signal. The electrical signal travels to the amplifier, where its power is increased. That signal then travels through the speaker, into the ear.

A hearing aid can help a person with hearing loss listen, communicate and participate in daily activities.

Can a hearing aid make my hearing worse?
No. A hearing aid will not make your hearing any worse.

I don’t want people to know I need a hearing aid; are there models that aren’t as noticeable?
Yes. There are completely-in-the-ear models that are approved for mild to moderate hearing loss. Your audiologist is able to discuss the style that will work best for your type and degree of hearing loss.

I have decided it is time I get a hearing aid; what do I do now?
Call Central Florida Hearing Services at (863) 386-9111 to schedule an appointment! We will conduct a hearing evaluation and work with you to come up with a detailed plan.

What if I buy a hearing aid and decide I don’t like it?
We have a 30-day return policy! If you try the hearing aid out and decide the model is not right for you, just come back and we will work with you to find the right one.

Do I have to wear my hearing aid all the time?
The more you wear your hearing aid, the faster you will get used to it.

Should I sleep in my hearing aid?
No. You should remove your hearing aids and open the battery compartment every night. This will help increase the battery life and remove any built up moisture.