Hearing Aid Care

It is important to take good care of your hearing aids. Not only are they an expensive investment but they are your key to the outside world.

To make sure your hearing aid is working its best, you should perform daily listening checks. Using a device called a hearing aid stethoscope, you will be able to make sure the device sounds clear and not weak or scratchy. Your audiologist will show you how to perform these tests correctly.

The batteries used in hearing aids do not gradually drain like standard batteries; they will go from full power to dead in an instant. A battery tester is recommended to perform daily checks to make sure your hearing aid will work to its full potential. Having extra batteries on hand is always recommended.

Showing a heart  shape from hearing aidsYour hearing aids should be cleaned regularly with a soft, dry cloth. Any dirt or grime should be removed. The earmolds can be removed and washed with a mild soap solution. Make sure they are dry before being reattached to the hearing aid.

Hearing aids function their best when any built-up moisture has been removed. A drying container can remove all the moisture that has collected inside the device. All you do is place your device, after the battery has been removed, in the drying container overnight. This step will lengthen the life of your hearing aid.

If you hear a whistling sound, that is feedback. The whistling occurs when an amplified sound comes out of the earmold and reenters the microphone. This can happen if the earmold does not fit right or if there is too much earwax in the ear canal. A visit to your audiologist is usually needed to fix this.

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