About CaptionCall

Our Mission

caption_call_logoHelping people with hearing loss stay socially connected for a longer, happier, healthier life!

CaptionCall is the nationwide leader in captioned telephone service.  With CaptionCall, you receive the fastest, most accurate captions and a superb audio experience.  Our professional and friendly CaptionCall Trainers provide unparalleled, red-carpet service including in-person delivery, installation and hands-on training – all at no cost.

CaptionCall is another innovative solution from Sorenson Communications, the worldwide leader in telecommunication relay services. Sorenson has been offering technology and services for assistive communications markets since 1995.

How CaptionCall works

Similar to captioned television, CaptionCall uses advanced technology and a communications assistant to quickly provide written captions of what callers say on a large, easy-to-read screen. It works like a regular telephone – simply dial and answer calls as usual – speak and listen using a phone handset like always.

The captioning service is free. Captioning is provided by CaptionCall and paid through a fund administered by the Federal Communications Commission.

View nearly instant captions of what your callers are saying on the large, easy-to-read display screen of your CaptionCall Phone. With the CaptionCall service, you get captioning that’s:

  • Automatic—No need to dial through the captioning service.
  • Secure—Safe, encrypted, FCC-regulated transcription.

The impact of hearing loss on our health and why use CaptionCall

There may be a direct link between staying socially connected and our overall health, research shows. This confirms what many healthcare professionals have believed for years, that aging adults who stay socially engaged live longer, happier, healthier lives. So what’s that got to dowith hearing loss?

Recent research at Johns Hopkins University suggests that hearing loss may play a much bigger role in our overall health than we previously thought. The study, led by Frank Lin, M.D., Ph.D., showed that people with hearing loss were:

  • 57% more likely to have deep episodes of stress, depression or bad mood
  • 36% more likely to have prolonged stretches of illness or injury
  • 32% more likely to be admitted to a hospital

These findings add to a growing list of previously undocumented health consequences associated with untreated hearing loss, such as fragmented sleep, an increased propensity for falling, and a greater risk of dementia and hypertension.

The Problem

Hearing loss, if left untreated, has a significant impact on one’s ability to stay connected. It makes face-to-face interactions difficult and using the telephone extremely frustrating. This often leads to loneliness and isolation—the precursors for many serious health risks.

A University of Chicago study showed that aging adults suffering from loneliness also had higher blood pressure. Loneliness increased the risk for high blood pressure more than any other psychological or social factor studied. It found that weight loss and physical exercise reduce blood pressure by the same amount that loneliness increases it. And high blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart disease, the leading cause of death in the United States.

The Solution

CaptionCall provides a simple, no-cost solution to help people with hearing loss stay connected with friends and family. It restores confidence and independence, gives peace of mind, and favorably impacts overall health and wellness. CaptionCall is an amplified telephone that displays written captions of what callers say on a large, easy to read display screen, so you don’t miss a single word. It makes staying connected with loved ones easy again. The CaptionCall phone is available at no cost to anyone who has trouble hearing on the phone and has had their hearing loss diagnosed by a hearing‑care or healthcare professional. Users will also need a phone line and Internet connection.

CaptionCall takes all the stress out of getting started by delivering, installing and training qualified individuals on how to use it—all at no cost. To start sharing the free CaptionCall phone with your patients/clients, simply visit www.captioncallprovider.com and complete the online form. Your local CaptionCall Specialist will contact you to schedule a brief consultation and bring you brochures and certification forms. To learn more, click on the Professionals tab on our website. When you order a free CaptionCall phone for your clients, you can rest assured we will provide them with our legendary red-carpet service, including:

  • Free delivery and installation assistance
  • Free hands-on training in their home at the time of installation
  • Free ongoing customer support
  • Free ongoing captioning service
  • Our 100% satisfaction guarantee

They will thank you for helping them reconnect with their world!

Red Carpet Service

When you get CaptionCall…
you get much more than a free phone*

Free Installation – A local CaptionCall Representative will deliver your phone to you and install the phone at no charge.

Free Hands-on Training – A CaptionCall Representative will train you on the features of the CaptionCall phone and answer any questions you might have during the appointment.

Free, Ongoing Customer Support – Contact our Customer Support team or your CaptionCall local representative if you ever have questions about the CaptionCall phone.

Satisfaction Guaranteed – We make every effort to make your CaptionCall phone a wonderful experience. If for any reason you are not satisfied with CaptionCall, you can return CaptionCall at no cost.