Cochlear Implant Educational Event

Sebring, Flor. (Oct. 25, 2016) – Central Florida Hearing Services recently hosted an educational event on cochlear implants to help answer the question many patients have regarding what to do when hearing aids don’t help anymore. Those who attended from the community were struggling with hearing aids that were recently purchased at other facilities, and were still not able to function day to day. There was a real need for this valuable information provided by Dr. Livingston, in order for these patients to pursue better hearing. Closed captioning on a screen was provided in order for those who attended to be a part of the discussion and assist them in obtaining the information that was presented.

Dr. Andrea Livingston, board certified audiologist at Central Florida Hearing Services, orchestrated this event. According to Dr. Livingston, “An important part of assisting patients with hearing and equilibrium disorders is being able to provide rehabilitation, including triage to appropriate facilities, when those services are not provided in our community. That’s what I consider true patient care.”

Cochlear implants are electronic medical devices that are surgically placed in the inner ear to do the work of the cochlea if it is damaged. The purpose is to create electrical signals to be sent to the brain for processing when a patient is no longer able to be helped with hearing aids or assistive devices (Bluetooth or FM). One study showed that people with cochlear implants experience an average of 80 percent sentence understanding, as opposed to those with hearing aids who experience only 10 percent understanding. *

Surgery and therapy for cochlear implant candidates are only offered at specialty centers. It is the mission of Central Florida Hearing Services to improve the health of those they serve with a commitment to excellence in all they do. Their goal is to offer quality hearing and balance evaluations, rehabilitation programs that set community standards and exceed patients’ expectations and care in a convenient, cost-effective and accessible manner.

For more information about cochlear implants or the other services offered at Central Florida Hearing Services, please contact Dr. Andrea Livingston by phone at (863) 386-9111 or by email at