A proper sense of balance relies on multiple body structures working together to send signals to the brain; these structures are known as the vestibular system. The vestibular system includes the eyes (what you see), the sensory systems (what you feel) and the inner ear.

The inner ear contains fluid filled canals and pouches. When your body moves, the liquid in these canals and pouches moves too. This movement causes a nerve signal to be sent to the brain letting it known there has been a change in direction. Every movement you make creates a new signal.

balance treatment and testing - central floridaBalance disorders can be caused by a head injury, medications or any change to the inner ear. While there are numerous balance disorders, the most common are positional vertigo (displacement of structures in the inner ear), labyrinthitis (inflammation of the inner ear), Ménière’s disease (change in fluid volume in the inner ear) and vestibular neuronitis (inflammation of a nerve in the inner ear).

The symptoms of these disorders can range from a small dizzy spell to an intense sensation of spinning (vertigo). They also include the feeling that you are going to fall, lightheadedness, blurred vision and confusion. Of these symptoms, vertigo is often the most debilitating as it can last from a few minutes to more than a few hours.

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