Custom Earmolds

Have you ever tried to fit a round peg in a square hole? This is exactly what it is like using an off-the-shelf hearing plug. While they are certainty better than no protection at all, if you are knowingly going to be putting your hearing at risk, custom earmolds are the best defenses.

Everyone’s ears are unique; they have their own sets of twists and turns. A custom earmold is an exact replica of your ear. Replicating your ear exactly ensures the plug fits securely and comfortably in your ear and provides the most amount of protection.

custom earmolds central floridaEarmolds can be made from several types of material: acrylic, vinyl and silicone. Acrylic molds are made of the hardest material, are resistant to breakage and are the easiest to repair. They also lack flexibility, which means they are difficult to place into a small ear. Molds made of vinyl are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and are softer than acrylic molds but sturdier than silicone. They produce a better seal but can shrink or harden over time; because of this they usually need to be replaced more often. Silicone molds are the softest and most flexible. They produce the tightest seal and are extremely durable. They are also difficult to insert in the ear because of how soft they are.

Central Florida Hearing Services specializes in custom earmolds for swimmers, hunters and musicians. We also produce custom noise protection molds, molds for custom hearing aids and molds for wireless or wired devices. If you would like any additional information about custom earmolds, contact us at (863) 386-9111.